Bracelet Balance - Men


Yin yang symbol encompasses harmony and balance within the universe. Based on Taoist principles, yin yang exists in everything around us as nothing can exist by itself. Together the black and white areas represent the interaction of the energies found in all things.

Bracelet made of Onyx & Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian is a stone of purity. It’s known for stabilizing and balancing the body. It will calm and soothe and allow viewing unhealthy patterns in the behavior, therefore opening the door to change. Snowflake obsidian is known to be used to relieve muscle cramps. It is considered a good detoxification stone.

Onyx is a stone of resistance and persistence. It helps managing a task with focus, will power, confidence and discipline. It is good for self-control, objectivity, inner strength and making intelligent decisions. It is also known to balance male and female polarity.

Size : 16 "

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