Indiana Stack


This stack is composed of Glow, Mary and Lena (purple) bracelets and the India necklace

Glow - tourmaline

Tourmaline is known to enhance one’s understanding in issues of life and increase self-confidence. They are told to aid in concentration and communication as well as neutralizing negative energies. Tourmalines are very helpful to relax the body, and treat anxiety.

Size: 7''

Mary - onyx and agate

Onyx is a stone of resistance and persistence. It helps managing a task with focus, will power, confidence and discipline. It is good for self-control, objectivity, inner strength and making intelligent decisions. It is also known to balance male and female polarity.

Agate is one of the oldest stone. It attracts strength, improvesconcentration and perception. It’s known to stabilize the aura, eliminating andtransforming negative energies. It grounds, clears the mind, calms, soothes anduplifts thoughts. It enables bursts of energy as needed. Overall, the stone isknown to rebalance and harmonize the body, mind and spirit.


Lena - tourmaline (see above)

Size: 7''

India necklace - Indian agate (see above)

Length: 17''



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