Are you looking for a local, original and sustainable gift to mark a specific holiday or an important moment in your employees' careers?

Aura Vibe has what you need thanks to its custom made bracelets!

Thanks to the personalization and originality of our creations, your company will get bracelets in your colors to create a sense of belonging among your employees or your community. These bracelets will have a special meaning by inspiring your team to surpass themselves, to excel, to accomplish and to unify.

Handcrafted with real stones, Aura Vibe jewellery is environmentally friendly and full of positive energy and is offered at a very competitive price.


  • 15-25 bracelets: 15%.
  • 26-50 bracelets: 25% discount
  • 51-100 : 30%
  • 101 and over: 40% discount
  • Mark an achievement (sale, goal achieved, award received, year of service)
  • Expressing your appreciation
  • Honouring a Special Event
  • Spoil your employees at Christmas
  • Strengthen your group's membership
  • And more!

After already three years of existence, Aura Vibe enjoys a good reputation with more than 50 retailers across Quebec, including Simons stores and some of the province's Sports Expert. We have also collaborated with the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation to develop and create the pink ribbon bracelet collection.

For any questions or to contact us in order to develop YOUR unique bracelet for your VIBE, do not hesitate to contact us at or at 450-444-0890.