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We all have the capacity to develop our own intuition! Considered to be the sixth chakra in the body also known as Ajna, the 3rd eye is located in the center of our forehead. Believed to be linked to intuition, awareness and wisdom, when open, it provides insight and deepens our spiritual connection to ourselves and to what surrounds us.
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«Si c’était si facile, tout le monde le ferait... »


MUSIC… FEELS GOOD! Sometimes, life is amazing! Sometimes less… Sometimes, it gives us wings and we feel like we could conquer the world, but someti...

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Bienvenue chez Aura Vibe

Welcome to Aura Vibe

Hello! My name is Marie-Jeanne. Everybody around me would say I have A LOT of energy! Mom of two, full of live, active, passionate, curious… and a ...

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