Chance Bracelets Stack


This trio of jewels is made of Ella, Chance and Vision bracelets.


This bracelet is made of Jade gemstones and a Quartz Rose stone.

Since it is mounted on a cord, this magnificent jewel can be adjusted to the exact size of your wrist.

Jade is considered to be a lucky charm. It helps to reach your goal and dreams, promotes courage, generosity and longevity, and reach to a richer fulfilled life. It balances emotion, provides endurance, great energy and peace.

Rose quartz is known as the love stone. It helps the user feel a strong sense of self-worth, therefore being worth love. It is also believed to be beneficial to the circulatory system and aid in relieving anxiety. It is a very happy stone that balances the yin yang energy.



This bracelet is made of Cristal gemstones.

Blue in color, this jewel is accompanied by a golden clover charm.

The crystal helps channel energies and repel negative. This translucent stone helps to refocus and harmonize the different energies of the body.

Size: 7''


This pretty colorful bracelet is adjustable due to its small extension. It is made on a braided rope and is also made up of several small golden charms.

 Size: 6'' Extension: 2''

Stainless Steel

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